Where is Glamping Camping? An Expert's Guide

Discover the best glamping destinations in the US with this expert's guide. Learn about Eisenhower State Park in Texas, Kasita Glamping, Lucky Arrow Resort in Dripping Springs, El Cosmico in Marfa, Dunton Hot Springs and more.

Where is Glamping Camping? An Expert's Guide

Eisenhower State Park in Texas and Kasita Glamping are two of the most popular glamping destinations in the US. Lucky Arrow Resort in Dripping Springs, Texas, is another great option for those looking for a luxurious camping experience. El Cosmico, located in the desert of the high plains of Marfa, offers comfortable accommodation and wood-fired hot tubs for stargazing. The city of Marfa is also known for its vibrant art scene.

The Statue of Liberty on the west side of the island is home to bell-shaped tents with shared bathrooms and luxurious glamping tents with private bathrooms. Dunton Hot Springs, a year-round resort, opened a second seasonal tent property four miles away with an emphasis on fly fishing. Colorado, Oregon and Utah are home to some of the largest international brands of glamping resorts and independent resorts. These resorts offer amenities such as drive-in theaters, dog parks and Conestoga cars where you can sleep.

Some are small places just for glamping sites, while others are glamping complexes within larger resorts. Fully furnished and air-conditioned camping tents with private decks and fire pits are available on 50 acres of private land. Texas has seen a proliferation of glamping destinations, where campsites are enhanced with amenities such as heating and air conditioning, interior piping and high-quality mattresses. Tent glamping is the most popular type of glamping and includes yurts, teepees (or teepees), safari tents, vaulted tents, bell-shaped tents and other creative designs.

The Under Canvas outpost in Greater Zion is the country's leading glamping brand. Governors Island glamping retreat is just an eight-minute ferry ride from Manhattan's financial district. The Resort at Paws Up accepts reservations for its 30 glamping tents between May and October. These tents have all the modern luxuries you could imagine.

Guests can choose from a variety of glamping accommodations here, including tents and something called a “bubble”. Round Top is another great destination for a glamping trip; be sure to read this post to find out what to do there.

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