What to Wear for a Glamping Adventure

Prepare for your next glamping stay with this essential luggage list! From hot sunny days to cold starry nights - pack layers! Don't forget toiletries such as sunscreen & insect repellent spray & an emergency bracelet with parachute cord.

What to Wear for a Glamping Adventure

The best thing about glamping is that it allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without having to buy and assemble your own equipment. You can still have the experience of being immersed in nature, such as roasting marshmallows around the campfire or waking up to birdsong, without sacrificing comfort and modern comforts. Glamping almost always includes plush beds in furnished tents and easy access to full service bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets. To ensure a cozy and comfortable trip in the great outdoors, there are several items you'll need to pack.

Start by taking a look at the weather report for the area, but the golden rule for a glamping trip is to pack layers. From hot, sunny days to cold, starry nights, you'll be exposed to all the whims of Mother Nature. Pack casual clothes for a glamorous walk and explore the city, trail-friendly clothing for hiking and outdoor adventures, nightwear for a good meal or a visit to the vineyard, swimsuit and a beach towel or a sarong if you plan to visit a lake or pool, long brief

s), top and bottom for hiking, lounging, layering or wearing as pajamas, rain jacket or shell jacket to protect against wind and rain, as a lightweight layer for cold nights, or to add warmth over bulkier sweaters or fleece, insulated fleece, jacket or vest for extra warmth or to be worn under a raincoat or shell, sweatshirt or sweater for warmth and cozy, casual layers, sun hat to protect yourself from harmful rays, scarf or pashmina for warmth or as a layered garment, thick and warm slippers or socks for the interior of the store, casual shoes for walking around town, wearing at the camp or going out to dinner, backpack to store extra layers, a bottle of water and snacks while you walk the trail, tour wineries or explore the city, hand and foot warmers, cooler to keep your drinks cold. Toiletries such as sunscreen and insect repellent spray may be included in your glampground amenities.

Don't forget to pack a book you wanted time to savor, diary to document your stay and foraging findings, board games, cards and other activities for hassle-free fun. A vest is always a great option when it's cold. An emergency bracelet with parachute cord is an ingenious little invention that can help you save your life when you are out in nature. A quality windproof travel umbrella will help you be prepared no matter what conditions you are in.

A solar flashlight is charged during the day with the help of the sun so you can go glamping with ease. To instantly inject personality into all your glamping outfits design them with several colorful accessories. If your glamping activities only include relaxing, loose-fitting cream-colored cashmere pants will feel like real bliss on your skin. With these tips in mind, you can demonstrate your sense of style as you prepare for the outdoor fun that glamping can offer you.

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